Acorns App Review

Acorns Invest App Review


Acorns App Invest

 I am excited to share my product review on Acorns app. I have been a loyal investor on the platform for the past 5 years and thrilled to say that it works! I automatically invest $75 monthly and it does all the works for me. I totally understand when people are doubtful when and how to start investing. I’ve been in that shoe and its insanely normal. You simply must start small, develop good habits over time and you are set for a better future.

Acorns is a mobile application that helps you invests spare change from day-to-day purchases into stocks and bonds for its customers. It specializes in micro-investing and robo-investing which they claim will simplify investing. The app is designed for people who are not interested in the stock market but still want to invest money.  With this new technology, users can sign up through their phone with just a few taps and start saving with no fees or minimums.  Customers have the option of starting small by setting up an automatic weekly deposit of $5 or downloading past purchase information from Apple Pay so they can see how much they've saved over time.

For more information, click here! Using my link to sign up, you will get additional $5.00 to invest to your portfolio. 


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