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Best Video Editing Tools I used for Free for Content Creation in Billo App.

 As a business owner who use Facebook ads for promoting my products, I can testify that video ads get 10-30% more views and are more likely to be shared, resulting in organic traffic. A compelling video with a clear call to action can help you sell more items or services. Using user-generated material to engage with viewers may help a video ad go viral.

Small to mid-sized firms without the budget to employ their own cameraman or video editor may struggle to produce video commercials. The good news is that drag-and-drop video editing software is becoming cheaper. You can simply produce video advertising for social media using a computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. Here are some terrific free and low-cost marketing choices.

Clipchamp is a free online video editing and production application that allows anybody to create video advertising. With its drag and drop method, you can simply make shareable videos. Google, Deloitte, Dell, and Microsoft are among the companies who trust Clipchamp.

The basic version is free for personal use only. You can acquire a more sophisticated plan for $9/month as a creator. Business access is available for $19 and $39 per month, and includes bespoke branding, unlimited video exports, limitless audio stock, full HD and more.

For marketers on the move, InShot is a simple video editing tool for iOS and Android. It's a free product with plenty of possibilities. Extra features may be purchased a la carte or monthly. The free version comes with a watermark. For $14.99 a year, you can utilize all of their services.

The software itself is slick and intuitive. Import your video clips from your camera roll and start editing. More than text and stickers are available. There are several ways to make your content more readable. You may also animate photos into videos.

Windows Movie Maker/ iMovie (Free Desktop Version)

This is super easy to use and fun to play around with. I have this software already installed on my laptop. I use this to create simple videos for a school project and it works just fine.

Do You Require User-Generated Videos for Your Ads?

Billo links companies with creative individuals who are passionate about your product to create real video advertising that generate sales.

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